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Reflections: Excellence Live

As I sit back at Excellence HQ next to the office of Edgar Excellence (if you can call a litter box that), I reflect on all the great action that transpired at Excellence LIVE in the Forrest Lodge. Friends, let me tell you. I’m exhausted.
But as a man who does yoga once said, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. Before I start waxing eloquently on what transpired at Excellence Live, I have to thank the most excellent fans in the world for making Saturday such a great night. As 1/2 of your hosts for the evening, you were a wonderful crowd! It is my hope that we were worth your time and you left knowing that Excellence is just as much about you as it is about the men and women who compete for you inside that squared circle. Without you, there would be no us.
Now that the mushy-gushy is out of the way, who would have expected to see Juan Francisco De Coronado back in an Excellence ring?! The last time we saw him, he was in utter shock from a sub-minute loss to Icarus! If what we saw from Ecuador’s Finest Export is any indication on what is to come, people will need to take notice as Juan looks to be in rare form!
The benefactor from Juan’s return is a man(imal) who celebrated his boar-thday on Saturday, The Boar of Moldova! Leading into Saturday, we knew that he still had a score to settle with Excellence’s resident conqueror, Oleg The Usurper! Birthday wishes do come true as the Boar pulled a fast one over Oleg thanks to a trusty flagpole. It will be very interesting come September 12th how Oleg will look to return the favor.
Excellence Live saw the debut of the Excellence Accelerator as 6 men were given the opportunity to double down on their win totals going into the Excellence Championship Series. The big winner of the night is the Champion In Training, “Cashflow” Ken Broadway as he swept both of his opponents in Sellersville. Broadway has really turned it on as of late since following the leadership of Gran Akuma. While Akuma was on vacation during Excellence Live, I am told that Gran Akuma did have eyes and ears on the events of the evening and was proud to hear that Broadway did Team Akuma proud!
Speaking of Team Akuma, Dan Champion is still a champion without a team. Splitting his victories in the Excellence Accelerator, Champion is still vying to earn the respect of Gran Akuma and reclaim a spot in the trio! I wonder what Gran Akuma thinks of Dan’s showing at Excellence Live and if Akuma will greet Dan with open arms come Tiramisu!
All in all, the fans in Sellersville were treated to a great night of action that you could only witness LIVE! What were your takeaways? Reach out to me via Twitter and share your thoughts on #ExcellenceLIVE!
Now I just can’t wait till Excellence serves dessert with #Tiramisu! The debuts of Tessa Blanchard and Ricochet?! Yes please!
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