The Calm Before: 20% Gratuity

As I write this, we are 24 hours removed from the time in which some of the most excellence fans in the world would embark on their journey to the Forrest Lodge in Sellersville. Some might be enjoying a meal before making their trek to the Home of Excellence. As for me, 24 hours from now I will be on the edge of my seat awaiting the closing remarks that the men and women of Excellence Professional Wrestling will make with their competitive voices to close out the 2015 Campaign.
It’s all about the Excellence Championship and it all starts with the Turkey Tumbler. As a nod to our first November event’s clever name, Edgar Excellence has created the most inventive way to allow Excellence’s stars to rise from the basement to the terrace in regards to the Excellence Championship Series standings. As of this writing, there are 12 superstars announced for this match. That means that someone like Rembrandt Lewis (who has been held winless in singles competition) could max out at wins should he win the Tumbler. But he would have to defeat each competitor in his path! The way the Turkey Tumbler works is that each win that is picked up in the gauntlet style match will count towards their final totals. You will definitely want to settle in because the Excellence Professional Wrestling scene could (and probably will) change by the end of the night.
On top of the Turkey Tumbler, we still have 5 great matches on the card, including two that could main event anywhere that wrestling is on the marquee.
On one side of the coin, the unconquered tandem of One Night Only looks to put perfection on the line once more as they take on a most demonic duo in the form of Kodama and Obariyon, The Batiri! While The Batiri will be making their Excellence Pro debut and will be stepping up to the plate against what some may say is the hottest thing going in Sellersville, they have every intent to cause chaos and play spoiler to One Night Only’s storybook reign of supremacy in tag team action. Will the self-proclaimed King of Strikes, Anthony Gangone, be able to attack his way out of The Seventh Circle? Will Marq Quen connect with enough CQC (Close Quen Combat) to avoid a good Skull Bronzing?
The opposite, two of Excellence Pro’s most decorated athletes go toe to toe as our very own “Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus attempts to play spoiler of the championship aspirations of “The Nightmare Warrior” Hallowicked. ‘Wicked does have 9 victories, making him one short of locking in his place in the Excellence Championship Series. Icarus is not far behind with 7 victories. Can Icarus soar to new heights and triumph over a familiar face or will Hallowicked add Icarus’ name to the list of the vanquished who he laid to rot?
Please don’t forget the returns of Damian Adams and Kobald, the debuts of Qefka the Quiet and Matty Ice, Too Many Cooks will be serving up the good eats and Vanity looks to settle a score with “Lady Excellence” Deonna Purrazzo!
20% Gratuity is sure to answer a ton of questions that 2015 wrote. Will our final chapter of this year write more questions? I know I’ll be there. Will you?
PS: For those who were steroids for men hip reduction wondering, Tapped is not deal. Be ready for more videos as we steamroll into 2016 and beyond!

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