Nick Speaks

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.”– Tim Field
The Proletariat Boar of Moldova. During his short career thus far, this dangerous individual has made quite an impact on the Northeast Independent Professional Wrestling scene. Whether it be Chikara or Excellence Pro, The Boar has ‘speared’ his way into becoming someone that everyone has their eyes on. Whether it be a Smiling Psychopath, a Nomadic Viking Warrior, or an Silent Assassin, Boar has dominated his way through all of them! However, he didn’t only accomplish this by battling. He also accomplished this by bullying!
Throughout this past summer, The Boar and Oleg the Usurper have developed a rivalry. These two giants have been trying to get at each other for months now. Nonetheless, there has been one problem. The Boar has never been alone against Oleg! On August 10th, it looked as if Boar and Oleg were finally going to lock horns and fight. That was, until the returning Juan Francisco De Coronado made the save for Boar. Later that night, these two allies faced Oleg in an handicapped match.
Now, Oleg and I have never seen eye to eye. Last September, Oleg almost beheaded me right in the center of the ring. But see, I don’t like bullies. He took me out, he took my friend Smiley out, and he even took my manager Ariela Nyx out. I couldn’t watch the Boar take advantage of another victim. This is why I made the save last month. And win or lose, I will continue to make the save against people who think they’re ‘higher’ than others.
All my life, I had to struggle. No more! I may have my handicaps, but I can still go with the best of them. It can be The Boar, Ken Broadway, Dan Champion, whoever! My goal in Excellence Pro is to show everyone that you can be whoever you want to be. Don’t let roadblocks stop you and certainly don’t let bullies stop you!

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