From the Office of Edgar Excellence

Greetings and salutations to all you cats and kittens out there from your Administrator of Excellence, Edgar Excellence!
First, thank you all for the birthday wishes. The Excellence Office got together and took me out to lunch, where I enjoyed my favorite foods like tuna, salmon, and milk. Delicious! They also bought me catnip and crunchy treats as gifts. It was a wonderful day.
Speaking of wonderful days, everyone in Excellence was thrilled to be a part of the 4th annual National Pro Wrestling Day (NPWD) on February 6th! The positive power of pro-wrestling was evident that day, as we exceeded our $2,400 goal for The Polaris Project. Thank you again to CHIKARA’s Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush and all our friends at CHIKARA Pro for including us!
I am very proud of everyone who was there in Reading, PA! Thank you for representing us so well! While he didn’t win, Team Akuma’s Ca$hflow Ken Broadway put on a good performance in CHIKARA’s Young Lions Cup XII tournament and the quartet of Havoc, Danger Jameson, Marq Quen, and Sasha Jenkins tore down the house in a tag match! Vanity escorted the “new and improved” Chuck TaylorTM as he made his “debut”! Nick the Silent Assassin and Tim Taylor greeted fans at the Excellence table!
CHIKARA is taking pre-orders for NPWD ’16 right now! Purchase the event for only $9.99 right here!
Our next event will be March 12th, when we will present “Kittens Mittens”! We will be back at our home in the Forrest Lodge in Sellersville, PA for the first time in 2016!
Since the start of Excellence, my office received numerous requests to bring The Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama) here! At “20% Gratuity”, I signed them to a match with One Night Only (Marq Quen and Anthony Gangone)! They had an excellent contest, which you can watch on our YouTube channel. Since then, the fans have been begging me to bring them back. I love our fans, and want to give them what they want!
So at “Kittens Mittens”, The Batiri will return to EPW and wrestle ONO again in the main event! ONO was victorious in their first encounter against the more experienced duo. But can they continue their winning streak and defeat the devilish demons one more time?
I also signed a tag team match between Danger and Rembrandt Lewis and Smiley and Nick, accompanied by Ariela Nyx! Smiley and Nick teamed up back in the Summer of 2014, but Danger and Lewis have more experience. And if they win, they might just get that coffee with Icarus after all.
“The Nightmare Warrior” Hallowicked, “Winged Ring Warrior” Icarus, The Boar of Moldova, “Lady Excellence” Deonna Purrazzo, the “O.G. Doll” Vanity, Gran Akuma, and “Life Champion” Dan Champion will also be there! Karen Q .will make her debut and “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy will return to EPW after a brief absence!
I will be announcing more matches as we approach “Kittens Mittens”. Plus, I’ve tasked my Administrative Assistant Babs to work on a special project which we’ll reveal at the event too!
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Thank you for continuing to support us!
(Transcribed to and typed by Babs.)

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