From the Office of Edgar Excellence

Meow and greetings to all you cats and kittens, the Excellence fans! I am your Administrator of Excellence, Edgar Excellence!
The Excellence Office is closed today in honor of Thanksgiving. Last night, I celebrated my own personal tradition of watching a marathon of old Survivor Series pay-per-views, which I’ve been doing since I was a kitten. Then on Thanksgiving itself, I will spend today eating as much turkey as I can steal off the table, napping, and giving thanks! And I do truly have much to purr about!
First and most importantly, I’m thankful for all our excellent fans. Because of your support, Excellence has grown far beyond my litter box and wildest dreams to bring you the best wrestling and wrestlers in the world each month. At “20% Gratuity” we had our biggest crowd ever! Over 200 of you packed the Forrest Lodge to see us! Thank you for coming every month, bringing your friends and family, watching our shows, and spreading the word about Excellence.
Also from feline to human, I am very thankful for and proud of the Excellence roster and crew. Thank you everyone for your hard work, dedication, and devotion to Excellence, our fans, and being the best you can be!
I mentioned these fine folks on my Facebook, but they deserve to be acknowledged and thanked again because they also help make Excellence happen!
– Forrest Lodge VFW for giving us a great venue and home!
– Darren Championship Gold for creating the work of art that is our Championship!
– Amerikick Lansdale for the awesome intermission demos and your support!
– The great people at Chikara Pro for all your help!
– Leigh Valley Creations for printing our shirts!
– Hodgson’s Quick Printing for all the things we need printed!
– And to all the local businesses that allow us to hang posters and promote our shows!
Like I mentioned, “20% Gratuity” was a huge success! One Night Only and The Batiri proved they are two of the best tag teams in professional wrestling. Their match became an instant contender for Excellence’s “Match of the Year”. If you couldn’t be in Sellersville, be sure to watch the match on video. The Turkey Tumbler Gauntlet was a wild affair full of surprises and unexpected twists. At the end of Icarus and Hallowicked’s match, there was a shocking betrayal and the night ended with a brawl all over the Forrest Lodge that emptied the locker room!
Based on the aftermath of “20% Gratuity”, I signed two matches for our first show of 2016! On January 23rd, Ariela Nyx will lead Nick the Silent Assassin and Matt Sells against ONO! This will be their first time teaming together, but they are motivated for revenge after a sneak attack by Gangone and Quen at “20% Gratuity”!
The Prince of Goblins, Kobald was victorious in his return against Qefka the Quiet, but will have a huge challenge when he meets The Boar of Moldova. These two battled during the brawl at “20% Gratuity”. In January, they will fight to see who has the best spear. Will Kobald be able to flush the Boar or will Boar gore him back out of action? And speaking of Boar, Oleg the Usurper is still missing in action since his war with Boar at “Check Please!”
The Excellence Pro Championship was unveiled at “20% Gratuity”. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a picture. The wrestler who wins the Excellence Championship Series will get to hold it.
Speaking of the Series, Hallowicked is the first entrant after earning his 10th win against Icarus! After “20% Gratuity”, here are the standings: The Boar and Smiley have 9 wins; Dan Champion and Gran Akuma have 8; Oleg and Icarus have 7 wins each; Blind Rage and Ken Broadway have 5 wins; Argus and Sasha Jenkins have 2 wins; and Havoc has 1 win.
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Until next time…Meow and Happy Thanksgiving!

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