From the Office of Edgar Excellence

Meow and greetings to all you cats and kittens, the Excellence fans! I am your Administrator of Excellence, Edgar Excellence!
October has been a busy month here at the Excellence offices! I’ve barely had enough time to get my usual four hour afternoon nap! But despite the craziness, fall is my favorite season. There are piles of leaves to attack and mice to catch. Plus, I get to celebrate my two favorite holidays – National Cat Day and Halloween! This month, along with being petted and appreciated, I’ve been planning lots of surprises for all Excellence fans and roster for the last show of the year, 20% Gratuity!
We’ve had some of the best wrestlers in the world debut in Excellence this year, like Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard did at Tiramisu. And 20% Gratuity will be no exception!
I love treats (especially fishy flavored ones)! So, I have a special treat for all the fans. Next month, The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama) will make their debut! Everyone’s favorite demonic duo will take on the undefeated One Night Only (Marq Quen/Anthony Gangone). Plus, I’m sure there will be many tricks when that crafty mime, Qefka the Quiet, makes his first Excellence appearance. Mimes scare me and make me want to hissssss…
Former friends and partners meet once again as the Nightmare Warrior Hallowicked fights Icarus. Wicked is not just any pumpkin, he’s a great, no, Excellent one. And a victory in this match will give him the 10 wins he needs to enter the Excellence Championship Tournament! He could be the first wrestler to enter, but not if Icarus has anything to say or do about it!
At 20% Gratuity, I’m introducing a new match – the Turkey Tumbler Gauntlet Match! (Yummm…Turkey!) Wins towards the Excellence Championship Tournament are at stake in this important contest!
All your favorite Excellence wrestlers, like Lady Excellence Deonna Purrazzo, Smiley, and Gran Akuma will be there! I hope you join us for some fall fun! See you on November 14th at our favorite haunt, the Forest Lodge in Sellersville! And when you come, don’t forget to try Too Many Cooks (Assistant Chef Smoothe Blackmon/Sloppy Joe) specials!
After Check Please, I revealed the completed Excellence Pro Championship. It’s stunning really, as the artistry is superb, and as a feline, I know style. It’s a belt that when held up says “I’m Excellence.” In case you missed it, here’s another look.
The tournament to determine the first Excellence Champion still rages on and anyone can win it! The top contenders are: Hallowicked with 9 wins; Oleg the Usurper, Smiley, Icarus, The Boar of Moldova and Dan Champion have 7 wins each; Akuma has 6 wins; and Blind Rage and Ken Broadway have 5 wins.
At Tiramisu, Oleg and the Boar fought to a double count out. Both bruisers approached me afterwards and demanded a rematch, which I granted at Check Please! Boar attacked Oleg with three Gores. He was helped to the back and our medical staff attended to him, but I have not heard hide nor hair nor fur from him since!

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Until next time…Meow!

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