From the Office of Edgar Excellence

Meow and greetings to all you cats and kittens, the Excellence fans! I am your Administrator of Excellence, Edgar Excellence.
I’ve been enjoying the late summer weather, as it’s still warm in my favorite spot on the deck where I curl up to nap and dream…
When I was a young tomcat, my feline friends would talk about our goals and dreams. For some of them, it was capturing affections of the sweetest kitten on the block, while for others it was becoming a champion mouse-catcher, but me, I dreamt of professional wrestling. I wanted to own and run my own promotion one day, and not just any promotion, but one that would feature the best wrestling and wrestlers on the planet.
Last Saturday’s Tiramisu was the fulfillment of a dream for this cat. The main event featuring “The Future of Flight” Ricochet against our own “Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath” Smiley exceeded my greatest expectations and was one of the best matches in Excellence history!
Their match just capped off a great night of action, which featured an encounter between two of the best female athletes in the world when Tessa Blanchard wrestled “Lady Excellence” Deonna Purrazzo! Tiramisu also saw Icarus take on Team Akuma’s Ken Broadway, the beginning of Danger Jameson’s trial series, Marq Quen in a rare singles match, and a war between Oleg the Usurper and The Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Cabgolin 0.25 Sun Pharmaceuticals steroid for sale plus impressive debuts from Bee Boy, Mantis, and The Lucha Raptor!
Our partners at Smart Mark Video released Tiramisu quickly, so you can watch and enjoy all the action now! Check out the event as a video on demand or mp4 using the links at our Watch EPW link!
Tiramisu would not have happened without lots of catnip, bowls of milk, and the help of many people who I am indebted to…firstly, thank you to all our loyal fans that have supported Excellence since The Inaugural Brawl and those new fans that just joined us at Tiramisu! Thank you to the wrestlers whose commitment to Excellence and the fans make each show special! Thank you to the staff and crew for all their hard work in making our shows happen in the first place!
This cat’s dream is to continue putting on shows just like Tiramisu for our fans! Keep your eyes our Facebook Page and Twitter (@ExcellencePW) for more matches and details on our October 10th show “Check Please!”
Until next time…Meow!

Nick Speaks

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.”– Tim Field
The Proletariat Boar of Moldova. During his short career thus far, this dangerous individual has made quite an impact on the Northeast Independent Professional Wrestling scene. Whether it be Chikara or Excellence Pro, The Boar has ‘speared’ his way into becoming someone that everyone has their eyes on. Whether it be a Smiling Psychopath, a Nomadic Viking Warrior, or an Silent Assassin, Boar has dominated his way through all of them! However, he didn’t only accomplish this by battling. He also accomplished this by bullying!
Throughout this past summer, The Boar and Oleg the Usurper have developed a rivalry. These two giants have been trying to get at each other for months now. is anastrozole chemo Nonetheless, there has been one problem. The Boar has never been alone against Oleg! On August 10th, it looked as if Boar and Oleg were finally going to lock horns and fight. That was, until the returning Juan Francisco De Coronado made the save for Boar. Later that night, these two allies faced Oleg in an handicapped match.
Now, Oleg and I have never seen eye to eye. Last September, Oleg almost beheaded me right in the center of the ring. But see, I don’t like bullies. He took me out, he took my friend Smiley out, and he even took my manager Ariela Nyx out. I couldn’t watch the Boar take advantage of another victim. This is why I made the save last month. And win or lose, I will continue to make the save against people who think they’re ‘higher’ than others.
All my life, I had to struggle. No more! I may have my handicaps, but I can still go with the best of them. It can be The Boar, Ken Broadway, Dan Champion, whoever! My goal in Excellence Pro is to show everyone that you can be whoever you want to be. Don’t let roadblocks stop you and certainly don’t let bullies stop you!

From the Office of Edgar Excellence

Meow and greetings to all you cats and kittens, the Excellence fans! I am your Administrator of Excellence, Edgar Excellence.
While Excellence might be my last name, it’s not why I call my wrestling company Excellence Pro. No! It’s because excellence is our way of life and what everyone here, from the wrestlers to the crew, strive to live up to. We are committed to bringing our fans the best professional wrestling on the planet and prove it with every show. Just take a look at the matches I’ve booked for Tiramisu this Saturday!
When I was a kitten, I used to sit in front of the television and watch wrestling. I was a huge fan of The Four Horsemen. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Tully’s daughter Tessa Blanchard followed in her father’s footsteps! I knew instantly I wanted to bring her to Excellence to wrestle our own “Lady Excellence” Deonna Purrazzo!
The leader of “Team Akuma,” Gran Akuma, wants to send “Cashflow” Ken Broadway into battle against a former friend and foe in Icarus! I think the always confident Icarus should take this challenge seriously, because I’m sure Akuma will teach Broadway everything he knows about the Winged Ring Warrior!
Akuma himself will be in action in a triple threat against the returning Ecuadorian Aristocrat, Juan Francisco de Coronado, and Rembrandt Lewis! The way I see it, each man has something to prove in this match. Akuma wants to continue dominating the competition, JFDC wants to reestablish his winning ways, and Lewis wants to show he can hang with the best!
Too Many Cooks (Sloppy Joe & Assistant Chef Smoothe Blackmon) are always hungry and begging me for more competition! Saturday, they’ll team with Lunch Lady Mabel to serve a trio from the wild as the Master of Gecko-Roman Wrestling, Argus, teams up with two stinging insects from the Outback, Mantis and Bee Boy!
Ever since he and Nick the Silent Assassin lost to The Proletariat Boar of Moldova and JFDC last month at Excellence Live, Oleg the Usurper has wanted vengeance. The Viking Warrior wants to settle the score and asked me for one-on-one match with the Boar! I granted his request and signed what could be the hardest hitting match in Excellence history!
Our “Stuntman Extraordinaire” Danger Jameson is always asking me for chances to wow the Excellence fans and show off his latest stunts! This month, he will get his opportunity when he takes on Hallowicked! Since coming under influence of scary Nazmaldun, Wicked has truly become a “Nightmare Warrior”. Surviving this match might provide to be Danger’s most death-defying act yet!
And in our thrilling main event, “The King of Flight” Ricochet will debut! I’m excited and proud to have such an international superstar enter our ring! When choosing his opponent, I immediately thought of one man, our “Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath” Smiley! This is going to be an epic match between two of the best high flyers in the world! I expect to see moves we’ve never seen before!
And that’s not all! We will have the undefeated One Night Only (Anthony Gangone & Marq Quen), Nick the Silent Assassin with Ariela Nyx, and more Excellence stars in the house! Plus, AmeriKick Lansdale will join us again during Intermission for a demonstration!
Tiramisu is going to be our biggest show yet! I hope to see you all there on Saturday! The action will be live at the Forrest Lodge in Sellersville, PA, starting at 7 pm!
And just one more bit of business before I curl up in the sun for my nap…
Juan Francisco, I’ve heard the disparaging comments you’ve made about my ability to run Excellence. I am “el Jefe Gato,” the head cat, the boss here at Excellence. You would do best to remember that I do have claws and I’m not afraid to use them.

The Excellence View of Tim Taylor

Reflections: Excellence Live

As I sit back at Excellence HQ next to the office of Edgar Excellence (if you can call a litter box that), I reflect on all the great action that transpired at Excellence LIVE in the Forrest Lodge. Friends, let me tell you. I’m exhausted.
But as a man who does yoga once said, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. Before I start waxing eloquently on what transpired at Excellence Live, I have to thank the most excellent fans in the world for making Saturday such a great night. As 1/2 of your hosts for the evening, you were a wonderful crowd! It is my hope that we were worth your time and you left knowing that Excellence is just as much about you as it is about the men and women who compete for you inside that squared circle. Without you, there would be no us.
Now that the mushy-gushy is out of the way, who would have expected to see Juan Francisco De Coronado back in an Excellence ring?! The last time we saw him, he was in utter shock from a sub-minute loss to Icarus! If what we saw from Ecuador’s Finest Export is any indication on what is to come, people will need to take notice as Juan looks to be in rare form!
The benefactor from Juan’s return is a man(imal) who celebrated his boar-thday on Saturday, The Boar of Moldova! Leading into Saturday, we knew that he still had a score to settle with Excellence’s resident conqueror, Oleg The Usurper! Birthday wishes do come true as the Boar pulled a fast one over Oleg thanks to a trusty flagpole. It will be very interesting come September 12th how Oleg will look to return the favor.
Excellence Live saw the debut of the Excellence Accelerator as 6 men were given the opportunity to double down on their win totals going into the Excellence Championship Series. The big winner of the night is the Champion In Training, “Cashflow” Ken Broadway as he swept both of his opponents in Sellersville. Broadway has really turned it on as of late since following the leadership of Gran Akuma. While Akuma was on vacation during Excellence Live, I am told that Gran Akuma did have eyes and ears on the events of the evening and was proud to hear that Broadway did Team Akuma proud!
Speaking of Team Akuma, Dan Champion is still a champion without a team. Splitting his victories in the Excellence Accelerator, Champion is still vying to earn the respect of Gran Akuma and reclaim a spot in the trio! I wonder what Gran Akuma thinks of Dan’s showing at Excellence Live and if Akuma will greet Dan with open arms come Tiramisu!
All in all, the fans in Sellersville were treated to a great night of action that you could only witness LIVE! What were your takeaways? Reach out to me via Twitter and share your thoughts on #ExcellenceLIVE!
Now I just can’t wait till Excellence serves dessert with #Tiramisu! The debuts of Tessa Blanchard and Ricochet?! Yes please!
Until next time…